Friends & Fellow Virginians,

In the last two election cycles, Congressman Bobby Scott (D-VA) has been the only candidate on the ballot.  He is the same Bobby Scott, who admitted to withholding information about a sexual assault that could have hurt the Lieutenant Governor Fairfax's campaign. His focus was not on honesty or integrity but to ensure a liberal Democrat won the election. 

Now consider this:  He acknowledged the plight of an African American woman who knew and trusted him and, without telling her, simply did nothing to help rectify the situation.  Integrity is doing what's right when nobody is looking.  Well, Bobby Scott has shown that he's not a man of integrity - but a man who puts partisanship over principle.  

What is he doing for African Americans in Newport News?  In Suffolk, Hampton, Norfolk or Portsmouth?  Again, nothing!!!  

His major accomplishment seems to be supporting abortion during an entire pregnancy, maintaining a 100% rating by every pro-choice group and of course, his staunch support for Nancy Pelosi's agenda. 

In a country with less than 4% unemployment, his district has nearly double that rate; many people are moving her for high paying jobs, but we have even more who can't find work - again, what is Bobby Scott doing to help? 

Bobby Scott has been in Congress since 1992 and has no major accomplishment.  It’s time for him to go - along with every other "career" politician.

When you compare my experiences, both professional and personal, as well as my positions on a variety of issues, you’ll easily conclude that I, John Collick, will represent EVERY citizen of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District much better than Bobby Scott ever could.

I do need your help. I have talked to about 1,000 voters so far and have received a whole lot of verbal support - as well as a few not so nice words.  Anyhow, having everyone's support without adequate funding won't get me on the ballot.  I must have a considerable amount of money to run an organized campaign.  Please consider a contribution - the maximum is $2,800 but there is no minimum.  Also, if you would like to host a fundraising event or volunteer to help raise money, please use the contact form.

God Bless You all and God Bless America!!!


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