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Returning the Power to the People

Below are some of the issues that need to be fixed to help both the citizens of Virginia's 3rd Congressional District and the nation, as a whole.  This is not a comprehensive list.

War on Poverty

Government Assistance vouchers can be used to pay the recipients portion of a mortgage

  Allow those receiving government assistance to earn more money than currently allowed before losing any benefits



  EVERY American child deserves the same high-quality education, without regard to his/her neighborhood, social status, ethnicity, or any other factor

    School choice (to include transportation paid by the home school district)
        Includes vouchers for private schools

    Smaller classroom sizes

    Assistance for parents to learn how to help develop children’s study habits

  Not every child is destined for college
    Vocational Technical High Schools
        Particularly in the school districts where unemployment is higher than the national average


Oath of Office

  All public servants, elected and non-elected, who violate their Oath of Office shall be removed from their position and prohibited from serving in public office

    Refusal to enforce a specific law

    Hindering law enforcement personnel from doing their jobs
        Prohibiting local law enforcement personnel from doing their jobs
            By direction or by not providing necessary resources


Term Limits

  Maximum of 12 years in each legislative body
    I will serve no more than six years, if elected


Veteran Issues

  Veterans shall have the right to choose between using a Veterans Administration Hospital or a private doctor (and affiliated services) for primary care

  Every community must build and maintain housing for homeless veterans

  Veterans benefits should not be considered as income when applying for school lunch program

  Permanent and Totally Disabled Veterans should automatically qualify for Social Security Disability, if they apply for it

  Communities should receive Impact Aid for the children of 100% Disabled Veterans who attend public schools

  Veterans with severely disabled dependents must have priority for federally funded services, without impacting non-veteran families negatively and must be transferable to other states



  Increase the size of the Navy fleet
    Will increase jobs in the local shipyards
        Secondary and tertiary positive economic effects in Hampton Roads

  Increase the military services to rebuild and maintain the ability to fight wars in two theaters of operation, simultaneously
    Additional positive economic effects in Hampton Roads



  No person shall receive a status change from any visa category to an immigrant after entering the U.S.

  Allow illegal immigrants, who leave the U.S., to apply for an immigrant visa in their home country
      They shall receive same priority as other applicants under any similar circumstances

  Biometrics are required of all persons entering the U.S. upon initial entry and confirmed at every additional entry
      Adults using a child who is not their own (or under their legal care) to enter the U.S. shall never be allowed to enter the U.S.

  Build Border Ports of Entry (POE), like POEs at international airports, to control who enters the U.S.


Income Taxes

  Keep tax rates low and permanent

  Social Security shall not be taxed

  There shall be no salary cap on Social Security (FICA) and other taxes

  Income generated by exercising stock options shall be taxed at the individual taxpayer’s rate

  No less than 50% of a public corporation's profits, except those reinvested, must be paid out as dividends to the stockholders


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