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Right to Self Defense

The Right to Self-Defense is inherent in humanity and in the United States, includes the Right to own personal weapons.  Currently, Democrats at every level, from local governments up to the U.S. Congress, are constantly working to deprive law abiding Americans of their Rights to own guns.  Not one proposed law is aimed at taking guns from criminals – or people who receive guns illegally.  They all "explain" the need to take guns away from law-abiding citizens. 

We are rapidly moving toward general gun confiscation. All it will take is another person merely states he thinks a gun owner might be a danger to local authorities.  The authorities will confiscate that persons weapons; the weapons might be returned if a court decides the gun owner is not a threat.  Fewer and fewer people are inclined to say that another person poses no threat - a judge would be no different.

Statistics clearly show that when a properly trained individual is present during a shooting, the threat is quickly mitigated. Unfortunately, when someone prevents a mass shooting, it’s rarely reported outside of the local area but when a mass shooter is successful, it’s reported as an epidemic. 

Over the past seven years, concealed carry permit holders were credited with saving multiple lives in Rockledge, Florida (2017), Antioch, Tennessee (2017), Arlington, Texas (2017), Lyman, South Carolina (2016), Winton, Ohio (2015), Conyers, Georgia (2015), New Holland, South Carolina (2015), Chicago, Illinois (2015), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (2015), Darby, Pennsylvania (2015), Chicago, Illinois (2014), Portland, Oregon (2014), and Spartanburg, South Carolina (2012). 

  To continue to enjoy your God given Rights - whether they're the Rights to Bear Arms, Peaceably Assemble, Be Free from Search of Your Property without Cause, or any other inalienable Rights, you need a Congressman who will Fight to keep these from being taken. Only John Collick is willing to fight for these Rights - Bobby Scott will not - unless you're an Illegal Immigrant, whom he supports without restriction or reservation.

  It's time to elect a Conservative Military Veteran to represent the good people of the 3rd Congressional District.  It's time to elect John Collick to the U.S. Congress.

Committee to Elect John Collick
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