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April 24, 2019 | Press Release

It’s Time for a Military Vet to Represent a Military Community

“He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.” George Bernard Shaw.

Suffolk resident John Collick is announcing today that he is seeking the Republican nomination for Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Mr. Collick is a newcomer to politics, after serving our nation for over 35 years combined in the Marine Corps, as a contractor, and as a government employee. Except for about one year as an Immigration Officer, he served as an Intelligence Specialist during his entire adult life, working at all levels of the Intelligence Community.

As an Intelligence Specialist, he worked on high priority missions, including the International Port Security Program for the U.S. Coast Guard; the Syrian Refugee Vetting Process for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services; and an Asymmetrical Threat Methodology for the United States Standing Joint Forces Headquarters, Homeland Security, in Norfolk. With extensive knowledge of the Middle East, he was recruited into the private sector to work on a Defense Intelligence Agency Contract as the HUMINT Issues Manager for Yemen. These projects are in addition to his Marine Corps career as a Signals Intelligence Collector, Linguist, and Analyst.

Collick explained, “I am utterly disgusted with the performance of our Legislature – particularly today, as the Democratic majority votes in “lock step,” not based on what our country needs, but on whether an issue will help or hinder the President. I pledge that I will always vote on the specific issue at hand, without considering the political impact on the President – positive or negative. When I consider an issue, I will always ask myself, “how would I vote if the other party had the Presidency” and then cast my vote accordingly.”

If elected, several of Mr. Collick’s priorities for the families of Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District include:

  • Providing the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security with the resources necessary to protect United States at home and our interests abroad.
  • Working with area educators, employers, and local leaders to reduce the unemployment rate in the 3rd Congressional District from 7%, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, to the national rate of 3.8%.
  • Ensuring the rights and freedoms identified in the Constitution can be enjoyed by all Americans, without abridgement by any state, local, or municipal government.
  • Enacting a school voucher program for children in underperforming schools and school districts, particularly in low-income and inner-city neighborhoods.

Will John Collick take any money from special interests? “While I prefer not to take money from special interest groups,” he explained, “without the necessary grassroots support, no candidate can run a successful campaign without doing so.”

If you know John Collick, you know that nobody can buy his vote. He says, “As I meet and talk to voters in the area, they find that I’m genuine. They realize I only want what’s good for America and I don’t believe the current crop of politicians is doing a good job. Therefore, as I meet citizens of the 3rd Congressional District, I’m confident we’ll be able to win and do our part to stop the movement toward a Socialist nation seems to be taking hold right now.”

John Collick is a pro-term limits candidate and if elected (and reelected), whether a term limits bill is passed or not, he will serve no more than four terms in office.

For more information about John Collick and the campaign, please visit

Committee to Elect John Collick
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